Welcome to Creative Selling Insights. As I begin this journey I have given a lot of thought on what direction we will travel. I want to to share Creative Ideas to ultimately increase your sales but do it using fun and new (and some oldie but goodies) ideas to implement into your business. I not only want to help increase your bottom line but to broaden your mind…expand your thinking…build your confidence and have the ability to always seek and want to try and explore new ideas in both life and business.

I am a mom of 3 amazing teenage boys and I have several successful businesses, both online and  offline. I am also a classical musician and an artist. I have always had a need to have a Creative outlet in life and business.  Many people that know me very well have said why do I need to do everything just a little different. I have found that this is what makes my life and businesses successful. Always pushing the envelope just a little bit more…trying something new…wanting things to be fun and interesting for myself and the people around me.

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