Using Christmas Cards to Increase Sales

If I could could tell you a way to increase your sales by 20 % and it would only take you about 2 minutes per customer...would you do it?  Of course I am hoping the answer is Yes!

I am about to let you in on a secret that I have been using for years to increase my sales and referrals exponentially….Christmas Cards!  Everyone loves to open up a beautiful Christmas card.  They display it..others see it…they embrace it in their homes.  I’m not talking emailed or pre-printed Cards…I am talking about the ones from years ago that we actually wrote out with a nice Christmas message.

Here’s my secret…

  • Closing the Deal: After I close each deal, sale or networking meeting I always grab a Christmas Card.  (a box of them I keep next to my desk)  I hand write, hand address and I put a personalized message in it.  When I’m done I put them in another box with all the others.
  • Call Them to Action: Give them a reason to contact you.   Make sure you add something to each mailing that offers them a sale…a special creative.   After all you want them to call,  to buy more, to do more business with you…right?  Close the sale with the card!
  • Mail Them!: I mail my Christmas cards no later then the 2nd week of December every year.  This allows the card to arrive at their destination in perfect time for Christmas.
  • Start in January or Right Now: I have found that the best time to get very nice discounted cards is in January.  But you can start anytime.!

I know this seems like a little bit of work, but stop and think…is my competitor doing this?…is anyone doing this?….probably not.  They are likely only doing the latest, greatest, easiest thing.  The truth is  is that everyone wants to feel special…give that to your customers.

This simply strategy has dramatically increased my sales in every business I have ever been involved with.

Till next time